The Beginning
Current Updates

 Playing surgeon right before surgery.  Nina had no fear.  She was unbelievably calm and brave.

The nurses brought Nina a surgery doll and some crayons

She stayed busy while waiting for the operating room.

Our first time seeing Nina after her surgery. She was in and out of consciousness.


She was able to speak in a weak voice, "The doctor said I can suck my thumb now."

           Not at all happy about being in the chair.

                         Miss Independent. "I can do it!"

                  Mike wouldn't shave until Nina came home.

On day 4 at the hospital, Nina was taken off all tubes and finally allowed to drink water.

                                    and eat popcicles!!!

Day 5  Nina was wiped out after her bone scan.

Day 5 Nina was finally allowed to eat before going home.


                    Waiting for her wagon so that she can finally go home.

So blessed to be going home.  All remaining tests were done outpatient.

Nina's bandage was used to hold in an IV overnight so that she wouldn't have to get poked again the next day. This was for the MIBG scan.

     The girls were overjoyed to be together again.